We didn’t invent A/B testing; we just made it more impactful.

Today, systems such as Mailchimp, Optimizely, Hubspot and others are all making it easy to rapidly set up and deploy new online experiments. However, this rapid testing has created a new set of problems.

  • It has become more difficult to collect and share experiment results
  • There are multiple systems to monitor depending upon the type of test and the channel of communication
  • Collaborating on future experiments becomes more difficult

For all of these reasons, and more, we have created Winston. You will now have a central place to share test results, monitor active experiments, and collaborate on future opportunities. And best of all, its free!

So without further adieu, here’s Winston…

Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
Sir Winston Churchill *

* OK, Mr. Churchill didn’t actually say this but he did say something pretty close to it.

Here’s how Winston can immediately start boosting your test results…

Learn from the Past

You will be able to preserve the learnings from all of your experiments, regardless of channel, and track your improvement over time. Best of all, it gives you the means to share your success with others in the organization. (*cough*, your boss, *cough*)

Monitor the Present

Winston creates a central location to monitor the various experiments running across multiple systems. Connect to multiple testing systems to automatically monitor the results and get notifications for major events.

Plan for the Future

By connecting to your Google Analytics, you can use data to identify the areas of your website that will have the biggest impact on your bottom line. You can then collaborate with your team to identify and prioritize experiments to ensure you are creating the most impact.

We make it all easy for you too

We have created integrations into several of the industries largest A/B testing tools that will automatically monitor the tests you run and notify you each week on their progress. When a test has reached validity, you can automatically record all of the results (including the data and screenshots) with the push of a button.

So what tools do we integrate with?

Google Optimize


Did we mention it is free?

Winston was designed to solve the problems that we, as marketers and fundraisers, face each and every day. It was created as a tool that would bring teams together to make greater impact. We hope enjoy trying this little experiment we call “Winston.”

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